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Why Us

Why Become A Tutor At Our Online Platform?

Teach on your own schedule

As a Tutor, you have the freedom to choose when you want to tutor students and the number of hours you want to teach. You can teach in the wee hours of the morning, in the evening or late at night.

Set your hourly rate

Since you’re your own boss, you can set your own rate and maximize your earning potential while providing real value to the students.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Flexibility to teach at home without wasting productive time.

Find More Students

Teach as many or as few students at your convenience.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Teach students from across the globe without travelling.

Safety and Security

Considering all the benefits, you will be professionally satisfied.


We provide you with everything you need to teach successfully

We provide tutors with easy to use video tools, smart calendar, training webinars, quiz and interactive learning to encourage student participation and a hands-on approach to learning.

Steady stream of students

We have thousands of students from over 100 countries around the world. That means you’ll always be booked to offer online lessons to students which will translate to stable income.

Guaranteed payment

All our tutors get paid on time through convenient payment systems.

Teach on your own schedule?

As a tutor on our platform, you’ll have the freedom to choose when you want to tutor students and the number of hours you want to teach.

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Getting Started (TUTOR)

Welcome to MyOnlineTutor! MyOnlineTutor is a platform that provides you the opportunity to provide lessons to students from all around the world. As a Tutor you need to first get registered on our platform. Signing up is a completely free and a one-click process. You can sign up using your personal email, Facebook, or Google account.

Profile Development

The first step after completing the sign-up process, is to enter your basic and biographical data. Once this step has been completed, you will have to set your working hours, add your profile photo, and a self-introductory video to your profile.

This is mandatory for every tutor. Your profile will then undergo a verification and approval process. Our approval team will thoroughly review and verify your profile details. Close attention is paid to your credentials and the completeness of your profile during the approval phase.

The approval of your profile will take between 48 and 72 hours, due to the high volume of applications. During this period your profile will not be available on the search results for students.

You will be notified once your profile has been approved. Your profile will then be shown in the student search results. Please note that sharing any contact information on your profile details (i.e. Full Name, Address, Contact Number, Email, etc.) is strictly prohibited. MyOnlineTutor reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning a reason.

The Job Hunt

The selection of a tutor completely depends on the student's choice, however, tutors can increase their chance of getting selected by considering the following recommendations:

  • Keep your profile information relevant, concise, and to the point
  • Choose working hours that are more suitable for the students
  • Add maximum specializations to let the students find you promptly
  • Increase the completeness level of your profile. Profiles with a high level of completeness are more likely to be selected
  • Create and add a professional self-introductory video to your profile (refer to our guidelines for creating a good introductory video)
  • Visit the "Find Student” section to check for any "Student Requests” (under this section, the students post their custom requests to find tutors)
  • Tutors are required to have at least 100% profile completeness in order to apply against a Student’s Request. The more active you are on the platform the more offers you are allowed to make in this regard.
Operative Mechanism

Once the student has selected a suitable tutor, he/she has to make the First Lesson Payment through our platform. The tutor will give his first lesson to the student against this payment, where the tutor would have to convince the student that he has made the right choice. After the First Lesson, if the student is satisfied with the tutor and he has decided to proceed with that particular tutor. The student will book a package offered by the tutor. The available lesson packages range from 5 hours to 20 hours. Choosing bigger packages is usually cost-effective. The students may book a package as per their desire or need.

The tutor may start giving the lessons as soon as the package payment has been made. The lessons are scheduled in advance and are supposed to take place according to this schedule. In case the tutor wants to cancel or reschedule a lesson, he/she is required to do it 4 hours before the scheduled time otherwise, it will not be rescheduled.

After the scheduled lesson has taken place, the platform will send the request for the confirmation of the lesson to the student. The tutor will receive the payment for this lesson only after the student has confirmed the lesson. In case a student has turned ON the auto-confirmation option for the confirmation of a lesson, the lesson will automatically be confirmed 72 hours after the lesson time. To report a lesson-based issue, the tutor is required to report it within 72 hours of the completion of the lesson.

Payment Procedures

After the first lesson has been conducted, the students are required to purchase a lesson package. Paying for a package does not mean that the payment is made to the tutor. In fact, the said payments are kept with the platform as a guarantee and the tutor is only paid after the submission of the student’s confirmation against each lesson.

For the sake of withdrawal of the funds from the tutor’s account, the tutors may go to the Withdrawal section. To withdraw your funds, the available options include PayPal, Master, Visa, Skrill, and Payoneer. In case you are facing any issues in this regard, please feel free to contact our support team.

Dos and Don'ts



  • Make payments for lessons in advance to get started with your lesson
  • Take the first lesson as an opportunity to assess if the tutors suit the student or vice versa.
  • Contact information is exchanged between student and tutor automatically by the platform once the first lesson payment is done
  • While choosing a tutor’s package, keep in mind that bigger packages offer discounted rates
  • Be very careful while selecting a date and time for a lesson to avoid its cancelation or rescheduling
  • Students and Tutors are free to communicate through the private chat system available on the platform
  • Read the Terms of Service before proceeding with any activity on this platform
  • Every student and tutor is allowed to register only one account on the platform, registering an additional or fake account may result in profile blocking as well as removal
  • Students and Tutors are not allowed to make any payments outside the platform
  • It is strictly prohibited to share contact information between the students and tutors before the First Lesson
  • Avoid providing any vague or misleading profile information
  • Tutors should avoid setting very high or unreasonable package prices
  • Abusive or unethical language for any kind of communication on the platform is prohibited
  • To avoid removal or blocking of your profile, pay attention to the Rules & Regulations of the platform

The Review System

Students are asked to provide their Review for the tutor after 14 days from the payment of the First Lesson, tutors may also remind the students to do so in case they forget to leave the review. Such positive reviews not only help in the improvement of the tutor’s rating on the platform but also help other students in the selection of the right tutors. According to a survey, most of the students don’t go beyond the first three pages of the search results and more than half of the conversions take place from these three pages, therefore the tutor’s positioning on the platform matters.

Cancelation Policy

If the tutor wants to cancel a scheduled lesson for any unforeseen reason, he has the choice to do it 4 hours before the scheduled time, please bear in mind that the lesson would not be canceled otherwise and the tutor will have to give that lesson according to the schedule.

A prescheduled lesson can be canceled by clicking the "Cancel” button under the "My Lessons” menu, where you will have to provide a valid reason for the cancelation. Any fraudulent activity in this regard or violation of any other rules of the platform may result in immediate blockage of the tutor’s profile.

How to create a good Self-introduction video

We all know the famous adage "First impressions are lasting impressions”. Your profile video works as your first impression for the students. Therefore, it is very important to create a professional & decent video.

We have provided you with some tips for creating a professional self-introduction video. No doubt, your experience, degrees, certificates, and testimonials are important, but you still need a compelling video that introduces you to the students, who ultimately hire you based on your presentation. A good self-recorded introduction video will not only validate your skill set but will also build a strong connection with your prospective students.

A few things that you should bear in mind while recording the video:

o   Wear something smart, simple, and professional 

o   Try to be unique and different from the other tutors

o   The video should be short and concise (not more than 2 minutes)

o   Speak clearly and deliberately

o   Write down your speech to ensure that you record it smoothly

o   State your name, nationality, education, and teaching experience

o   Use a teleprompter app. It is a good way to stay fluent during the recording

o   Choose a quiet place for recording,  away from  distractions

o   Pay attention to your posture and ensure you look directly at the camera

o   Remember it’s not just about what you say in the video but "How You Say It”!

o   Last but not least, Don’t Forget to Smile during the Recording

Given below sample videos would help you a better understanding

Profile Optimization

The appearance of your profile in the search results is vital as only a portion of the tutor profile is displayed on the first page of the search results. As a result, it is critical to optimize your profile to make it visible and attractive to students looking for your services. o Profile Information Your basic profile information should be complete as it portrays the quality of your profile on the platform i.e. Your profile photo must be decent and captivating Adding an introductory video is a mandatory part of your profile. A good video helps in developing a good connection with the students (Refer to our guide on How To Create a Good Video) The headline and intro of your profile should compelling and properly describe your expertise Completeness is the key to success, don’t leave any field vacant Set reasonable and fair charges. The price you select should neither be so high that students believe it is excessively expensive nor should it be so low that students are misled. o Collect Student Reviews Most students prefer tutors with a higher number of reviews on their profile since it develops trust. As a result, gathering favorable evaluations on your profile will undoubtedly help you rank higher on the platform. The platform prompts students to leave a review 14 days after the first class; however, as a tutor, you may remind your students to leave a review if they have not. o Respond To Messages Improving your response time is a key factor in getting more students. You need to be as prompt as possible. It also depends upon your communication skills and how you convince a student to select you because the student must have a reason for choosing you among the other tutors. You also need to be aware of the platform rules because sometimes students may also ask you about how Tutors online works. o Increase Your Tutoring Hours Selling more works for the growth of any business. On Tutors Online you sell your lesson hours, therefore the lesson hours you have conducted will definitely result in the ranking of your profile on the platform. You should convince your students to buy bigger packages, as this will not only increase your Tutor Hour base but the students will also get discounted prices for their purchase. It is also recommended to set reasonable prices for your package plans because if your prices will be higher than the student’s budget, the student will obviously search for the other tutors matching their budget range.

Commission Norms

Commission is charged at 18% from the first paid lesson of every new student. However, as shown in the table below, the commission percentage decreases as the number of lesson hours delivered by a tutor increases. This mechanism encourages tutors to spend as much time as possible on the platform to gain maximum benefit. Upon confirmation of each completed lesson, the payment is transferred to the Tutor’s account after the deduction of the above commission, and can be withdrawn immediately.

Our algorithms automatically rank up those tutors who conduct more lessons with the students, and the more lessons they conduct the less commission they have to pay.

Number of Hours

Commission Percentage

0 – 20

18 %

21 – 50

17 %

51 – 200

16 %

201 – 400

14 %


12 %

How to setup group classes walkthrough video

How to setup group classes walkthrough video

First create your group lesson banner on canva or any other design website, I prefer to use Canva because it doesn’t require special techniques and it’s free. You can use a picture if you wish.

Step 1) Click Add on the upper right corner.

Clicking the button will open a form related to the group class details.

Step 2) Fill in the required information such as title, description, language, fees, date, time, class title, and duration. When you are done, click Save to save the entered information.

The group class will then be added to the list on the Home

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